It is illegal to use your phone while driving or riding a motorcycle unless you have hands-free access. The penalties for using a mobile phone whilst driving increased from 1st March 2017. The offence carries a penalty of 6 points and a £200 fine. Should you be convicted of committing this offence again within a 3 year period, you could face a 6 month disqualification.

You can use a phone if it is fully hands-free, however you are not allowed to pick it up and operate it even momentarily. Any hands-free devices should be fully set up before you drive so you can take calls without handling the device.

Many people have been prosecuted for using their phone as a sat nav. Again, if you wish to use your smartphone navigation or mapping application, you must fit the phone to the windscreen or dashboard so that it is in clear view for use whilst driving. The main thing to remember is that you are not allowed to hold it.

It is only ever legal to use your hand-held device in a vehicle when it is safely parked, this would not include waiting in traffic or whilst sitting at traffic lights. Again, many people have committed this offence because they have misunderstood the need to be safely parked.

Whilst being prosecuted for this offence is serious, it is not uncommon for offences such as careless driving to also be linked to mobile phone use.

How We Can Help

Other witnesses (including police officers) can be mistaken about what they see. We have many years’ experience in challenging allegations of this kind. If you wish to receive advice in relation to an allegation of mobile phone use whilst driving then please click here or  contact us for free initial no obligation advice. We are available 24/7, Freephone 0800 304 7740.