If the Court has imposed a disqualification for a driving offence, it is possible to apply to the Court to have that disqualification removed. There are certain time limits that apply before the application can be made.

Length of Disqualification

Time before an application to remove can be made

Less than 4 years

2 years from the date the disqualification was imposed

Less than 10 years but not less than 4 years

One half of the period of disqualification

Any other case i.e. more than 10 years

5 years

When considering the application, the Court will look at:

  • The character of the person disqualified and their conduct after the order
  • The nature of the offence, and
  • Any other circumstances of the case

Applications to remove a disqualification are nearly always opposed by the Crown Prosecution Service. It is therefore very important to put forward the strongest case possible. This is important because if the Court refuses your application, you will not be allowed to make another one within 3 months of the refusal.

The specialist motor offence solicitors at Hewitts have considerable experience in making these applications. We can help you to get supporting evidence and can present the case at Court, maximising your chances of getting the disqualification removed.

Please note that an application to remove a disqualification cannot be made when there is a requirement to pass an extended driving test together with the disqualification.

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