Drink driving

It's that time of year when most, if not all, police forces bring out a campaign against drink driving. This article aims to cover all questions you may have about this offence.

Whilst there are issues with fuel supplies across the country, we thought it would be helpful to provide some advice in relation to efficient driving to assist you to be more economical with your fuel use.

We all know that the use of mobile phones is banned whilst driving.

Or are they?

The answer, according to the High Court’s recent decision in Director of Public Prosecutions v Barreto [2019] EWHC 2044 (Admin), is that it depends what you’re doing with it.

Road Safety Review – More New Laws?

The Government has published new plans to make the roads safer for everyone. The plans include several changes for people at every stage of life, and also for more specialised drivers like HGV drivers and motorcycle riders.

Most people know that a driving ban may follow for serious road traffic offences or a series of lower-level traffic crimes as a result of 'totting up'. Few of our client's know that disqualifications can follow in other cases if a vehicle is used to facilitate the commission of an offence

The idea of speed limits causes immense confusion, with many people believing that the speed limit is at least the minimum speed you should ordinarily drive at.

In a recent case His Honour Judge Jeremy Richardson QC was faced with the task of sentencing 3 offenders for their part in causing the death of 4 people, and seriously injuring 3 others. The main offender received a total prison sentence of 11 1/2 years.
The offence of causing death by dangerous driving carries a maximum prison sentence of 14 years, but what happens if 4 deaths are caused during a single incident, does the total rise to a maximum of 56 years?
The answer to that question is no, the maximum remains at 14 years.

Tomorrow marks 12th night and some traditions believe misfortune will befall anyone who keeps their Christmas decorations up beyond this date. The fact that it also falls on a Saturday means that many of us will be making the trip to the local tip to get rid of the tree and other festive waste that has accumulated over the last 2 weeks.

It’s important that when transporting any load in a vehicle to do so in a safe and secure way. Many potential offences can be committed by people when transporting loads that are insecure. 

It’s the Christmas season once again and as night follows day, this time also coincides with a national police initiative concerning drink and drug driving, as forces across the country prepare for a spike in the numbers of those tested and arrested for drink and drug driving offences.

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner has today (4 December 2018) confirmed the levels against which applications and continuations will be processed from the start of 2019.