Millions of us are currently participating in Alcohol Concern’s ‘Dry January’ campaign, but as we move into February, many participants will treat themselves to a celebratory drink.

If this applies to you, bear in mind that if you have consumed large amounts of alcohol until late night/early morning, you could still be over the legal drink drive limit the following morning.

Unsurprisingly, the police are acutely aware of this issue.  If found to be over the legal limit, even the morning after having a drink, you will have committed a criminal offence which carries sentences and disqualifications that could result in you losing your licence, or worse.

It is also illegal to drive if you are unfit to do so because you have taken  legal or illegal drugs or you have sufficient levels of drugs in your blood (even if they haven’t subjectively affected your ability to drive). The police can stop you and oblige you to undertake a ‘field impairment assessment’ if they think you are under the influence of drugs. They can also use a roadside drug screening kit to screen for cannabis and cocaine. If the police consider that you are unfit to drive because you are under the influence of drugs, you will be arrested and will have to take a blood or urine test at a police station.

You could be charged with a criminal offence if the test shows that you have taken drugs.

REMEMBER, if you find yourself under arrest you are entitled to our services within the police station FREE OF CHARGE.  All you have to do is ask for Hewitts Solicitors.  The police will contact us for you.  

We have qualified Police Station Accredited Representatives and Solicitors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We can also represent you if you have a Court date.  

If you need advice in this area, please contact Callum Terry, Solicitor and Head of Motor and Transport or Freephone 0800 304 7740. 

About the author

Callum is the head of the Motor and Transport team.  He is a solicitor with over 15 years of experience dealing with road traffic and transport matters.