Drivers of goods vehicles and public service vehicles (PSV) are subject to drivers' hours regulations which limit the amount of hours they can drive and be on duty. Breaches of these regulations can lead to regulatory action either by the Traffic Commissioner or through the Criminal Courts or commonly both.

For simple breaches, a fixed penalty or fine will be imposed. Where there is an allegation of wide spread infringements this could lead to multiple fines which could have a significant financial impact on a business.

The falsification or alteration of tachographs or records is a serious criminal offence which in the Crown Court carries a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment. Convictions for falsification will inevitably lead to regulatory action by the Traffic Commissioner, not only for the driver responsible but most likely also for the operator as the driver’s employer.

The specialist motor transport solicitors at Hewitts have significant experience in dealing with these types of prosecutions. In many cases, with early expert legal advice it can be possible to mount a successful defence to these allegations.

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