To operate goods vehicles or public service vehicles (PSV) for hire, rewards or business use, an operator must hold an operator licence.

Hewitts Solicitors can advise you in making an application for a new operator licence or applying to vary an existing licence. The application process is complex and there are several considerations which you must address.

We can advise you in relation to the funds which you would need to have in place (financial standing), the suitability of any operating centre you propose to operate from and the suitability and qualification of a proposed transport manager.

If the Office of the Traffic Commissioner has concerns regarding any proposed application either for a new licence or a variation of an existing one, it can lead to a public inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner. The specialist transport solicitors at Hewitts can help in trying to avoid this by ensuring that the application is fully compliant. If a public inquiry is unavoidable, Hewitts Solicitors can assist you in the preparation for it and be there to represent you at the hearing itself.

Obtaining expert advice early in the process can often lead to successful applications, saving time and costs rather than leaving matters too late and having to obtain representation for a public inquiry.

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